The services that the Firm is able to offer

Preparation of financial Statements

We prepare financial statements according to the EEC directive.

Tax and accounting advice

Italian and foreign companies can take advantage of our tax accounting consulting service.

Tax Planning

We develop, together with the customer, a clear and accurate tax planning in order to plan the expenditure.

Social Security for performing Artists

We are highly specialized in management of social security for performing artists, to which we offer a qualified and specific service through the access to detailed information and deep knowledge of the field.

Management of Social Welfare Fund for Professionals

Our service allows to all categories of professionals to entrust the management of compulsory social security requirements

Taxation for Artists and Influencers

We are highly specialized in taxation of performing artists, influencers and their agents which need a 360 degrees’ service.

Property Management

Our service of property management allows to all owners of real estate to optimise the management of their properties.

Professionals and our Net

We work together with a large range of firms and specialized professionals in different sectors, remaining the only interlocutors with the customer.

Tax Litigation

The advice is addressed to all customers that need to have clarity and to assert their rights


We are able to make available to the customer our professionalism developed over many years in the field of successions, even in collaboration with leading Notary Offices.

Extraordinary Transactions

Our firm is able to assist the customer in the extraordinary stages of the company life as mergers, demergers, transformations, acquisitions and transfers of a business.

Company Evaluation

We can evaluate companies, enterprises and company shares. Service aimed to businessmen and companies that need to understand in depth the value of their reality.

VAT Management

We offer a service of VAT management. In particular for freelance professionals, artists, agents and sole proprietorship that are entering in the market undertaking a new business.

Foreign Persons Advice

Foreign persons which intend operate in the Italian market, can rely on our specialization in this field.


Delegating our firm, the customers avoid, especially in an initial stat-up phase, costs due to the staff recruitment that can have a significant impact on the management costs of the company.

Consultation Reduction of Rental Fees

Our rent reduction consultancy service is aimed at property owners, companies and individuals. canoni di locazione è rivolto ai proprietari di immobili, società e persone fisiche.

Assets protection and generational handover

Our Firm support the Clients with the professional skills acquired with reference to assets protection and generational handover.