Studio Busio & Nidasio Commercialisti Associati Milano

Side by side with our Clients since 1932

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Studio Services

Busio e Nidasio Commercialisti Associati Milano

Preparation of financial Statements
Management of Social Welfare Fund for Professionals
Extraordinary Transactions
Tax and accounting advice
Taxation for Artists and Influencers
Tax Planning
Company Evaluation
Property Management
Social Security for performing Artists
Consultation Reduction of Rental Fees
Professionals and our Net
Assets protection and generational handover
Tax Litigation
Foreign Persons Advice
VAT Management
The founder: Mr. Giulio Busio (1909-1977)

Giulio Busio, who started everything

The story The history of the Firm Busio & Nidasio started with Mr. Giulio Busio. In 1932, he did not only create his future, but also ours.

Studio Busio and Nidasio - Associated Accountants Milan